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John Pagonis, PhD, UXC

John Pagonis invested many years in developing smartphone OS software and having fun programming mobile VoIP, machine learning and recommender systems. He also used to teach university students how to program.

One day he wants to become a great software engineer and score a win over information overload. In the meantime, he helps organisations produce better software and discover what they really ought to focus on. John has a PhD, MSc and BEng from the University of Essex and is a certified UX researcher from Nielsen Norman Group.


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Sotiris Sotiropoulos, UXC

Sotiris Sotiropoulos spent his early professional life creating user interfaces and graphics for videogames and later for Web and mobile apps. In his quest to justify everyday design decisions, he discovered that user experience design provided answers; very good answers.

This led him to the relentless pursuit of learning, which helped him enhance his ever-adaptable way. To Sotiris, it is apparent that designs aimed at people can only be crafted by understanding ...people. He is also a certified UX researcher from Nielsen Norman Group.


Our story

In evidence we trust because we are passionate about learning, about improving, about discovering and solving the right problems. Our story is a story of continuous learning, learning from successes and learning from failures.

We founded Zanshin Labs because we hate to see good teams solve the wrong problems. We hate to see good teams struggle to solve the right problem ineffectively and it pains us to see organisations make decisions based on assumptions instead of evidence. We know how that is and how and when it happens because we have been there ourselves.

Zanshin Labs provides consulting, coaching and education to startup and enterprises building software based products and services to help them bring the right solution to the right problem, with highly productive teams, in their own unique way, by design rather than by happenstance.

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We are adaptable, friendly, disciplined and collaborative. We also use too many post-its, but hey, nobody is perfect!

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